Nelia displaying her wares at Davao

Nelia Elliott, Elliott Enterprises presenting the Septentrio PolaRx 5 CORS/reference receiver at the Philippine Rural Electrification Exhibition 2016, SM Convention Center, Davao

Elliott Enterprises are market leaders in supplying GNSS Surveying products across the Philippines

Exclusive Distributors for Septentrio products manufactured and supported in Belgium, Europe, Hong Kong, Asia and California, USA….we provide the latest technology with the highest precision and accuracy using modern exacting manufacture standards delivering a product to you at competitive prices and purchase plans to meet tight budgets.

A three (3) year Warranty is proof the GNSS Receivers and Controllers are guaranteed to last…our suppliers take special care in bringing you a long lasting, hassle free surveying experience.

The NEW AsteRx 4 GNSS board released by Septentrio in May 2016 is designed to provide every surveying possibility through 2025 and beyond…accommodating all potential satellite developments with  544 receiving channels and the best Firmware for the fastest most exacting position available. (RTK AccuracyX,Y 6mm + 0.5 PPM, 8mm Height (Z) + 1.0 PPM)

The accuracy our competitors aspire to………..

Septentrio engineers are developing firmware to access an additional six (6) GNSS Satellite signals (using an additional 120+ channels), these are NOT accessible using older GNSS receiver technologies. The “new generation” GPS satellites (USA) currently being launched will provide even more new signals, consequently the user should always be seeking the latest technology available to utilize these enhancements.

Septentrio receiver owners will receive FREE firmware upgrades to enable new features as they are released. “Our aim is to provide 3mm accuracy from our receivers”.

Carlson 3D Road design

Carlson Software the FIRST CHOICE of Professional Engineers demanding better highways faster!

The best GNSS equipment must be complimented with the best Software!

Elliott Enterprises are the Distributors for Carlson Software; Surveying and Engineering software sales and training across the Philippines.

Recognized as the most technologically advanced engineering desktop software available today. Integrating the core requirements for each Engineering Project including: Subdivision design, Road and Highway design, Drainage and Storm Water design all in one affordable package.

Chosen as the preferred software by Engineers across the USA and Europe and now Asia! (over 70 countries world wide)…. 70% of US National and State Highways were designed using Carlson Civil software.

All the while, providing AUTOMATED Cross sections, Subdivisions, Roads and Drainage system design features. Carlson Civil Suite is the one stop shopping experience for Engineers…SAVINGS in Time and Energy!

The center piece of Technology is the Computer used to “Control” the hardware and software. We only provide the best!

Juniper Products

Juniper products for Rugged Field Computing Solutions

Elliott Enterprises are a member of the Juniper Systems Partner Program.

Under the terms of our Partnership, Elliott Enterprises are the Juniper Systems distributor for products across the Philippines.

Some Juniper products are covered by Exclusivity Partnerships with Carlson Software and Septentrio. As the Distributor of both Carlson Software and Septentrio, Elliott Enterprises now covers Distribution for marketing of the full range of Juniper Systems products across the Philippines.

We offer Sales, Support and Training for the Juniper Systems products and offer advice in the selection of Surveying, GIS and other application software (Carlson SurvCE, Bentley Map Mobile, OpenJUMP, etc).

The next step is to call Nelia Elliott (0917 557 9671) or use our Contact Form to request  a Free Demo of the Carlson Civil Suite software to start your journey today! We would like to demonstrate our products including our GNSS equipment to demonstrate our superior products at your office!

When you choose our products, you join our business family!” – we Support and we Care.