All NEW Juniper Geode submeter GPS receiver

Today, Juniper Systems would like to introduce to you… the Geode™ – our new real-time, sub-meter GNSS/GPS receiver! This compact, all-in-one receiver collects precise location data, without the huge price tag or complexity of other precision receivers. We designed it with an emphasis on simplicity so you can start collecting data at the touch of a button. The Geode is also highly versatile, and will connect via Bluetooth with Juniper Systems’ rugged handhelds, or any other Windows®, Windows Mobile, or Android ®device. Speaking of versatility, the Geode can also be carried in a number of different ways. It can easily be carried in-hand, in a pack, or mounted on a pole, depending on your specific use case and what your individual needs are.

Geode Real-Time Sub-meter GNSS Receiver

Geode Sub-Meter GPS ReceiverAnd of course, the Geode doesn’t compromise on ruggedness. It features IP68-rated protection against water and dust, and operates in extreme temperatures, providing reliable performance wherever you need to collect data.

Here are a few other Geode features:

  • SUB-METER ACCURACY – Collect precision GNSS data with your handheld device
  • REAL-TIME DATA – Multiple correction sources provide precise, real-time data
  • JUNIPER RUGGED™ – IP68-rated and designed to withstand harsh environments
  • AFFORDABLE – Professional accuracy at a budget-friendly price
  • COMPACT SIZE – Small and lightweight for all-day use
  • OPEN INTERFACE – Works with Juniper Systems’ handhelds or your own device
  • SIMPLE TO USE – Intuitive and easy operation, one-button simplicity
  • ALL-DAY BATTERY LIFE – Ideal for long work days
  • CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS – Connects to a handheld or tablet via Bluetooth or an optional 9-pin RS232 port
  • BUILT-IN ANTENNA – Comes with a built-in GNSS/GPS antenna, but also includes a port to connect an external antenna, depending on the user’s preference

Juniper Systems’ products are designed to reliably collect data in any environment,” said Debbie Trolson, Geomatics Market Manager at Juniper Systems. “Whether users need a GNSS solution that provides 2–5 meter accuracy, or one that provides even more precise, sub-meter accuracy, Juniper Systems can deliver a high-quality solution that enhances both productivity and data integrity.”

Bruce Carlson Receives Mining Industry Award

Bruce Carlson Receives Mining Industry Recognition

For his “perseverance for over 30 years to create the standard for software for geologic modeling, mine mapping and mine planning for coal and other bedded deposits,” the president of Carlson Software, R. Bruce Carlson, was recently awarded the Howard N. Eavenson Award by the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME).

SME gives Bruce Carlson the Howard N. Eavenson Award.

Bruce Carlson (right) receives Howard N. Eavenson Award.

This award was first presented in 1969 and is given for distinguished contributions to the advancement of coal mining. Eavenson was a renowned civil engineer who was instrumental in the coal mining industry during the late 1800s through the early 1900s. Election to this honor is by the Eavenson Award Committee with notification to the SME Executive Committee.

Carlson, who founded Carlson Software in 1983, attended the awards ceremony with his wife, Gisela, and daughter Kristen. The event was held on Feb. 23 at the Coal & Energy Division Luncheon at the SME 2016 Annual Conference & Expo in Phoenix, Arizona.

“This award means a lot to me because it comes from an industry I truly love, an industry that has represented for years the core strength of this nation,” notes Carlson. “The award comes at a time when coal companies are unjustly under siege; when the debate on CO2 and its impacts is virtually closed off. Our company has learned so much from our coal customers over the years, and I assure our friends in coal we will fight with them for the fair hearing they deserve.”

From its beginning, Carlson Software has focused on mining applications, thanks in part to its location (in Maysville, Kentucky) close to virtually all mines in the U.S. Appalachian and Illinois coal basin. The goal of its mining software development has been to ensure greater productivity utilizing the best practices as they apply throughout the world. Ninety percent of U.S. coal companies utilize Carlson Software.

In addition to mining, Carlson Software produces industry-leading field and office software for survey data collection, survey mapping, civil engineering, construction, and machine control.  For more information, see Carlson Software’s mining information.

Why Carlson Civil Suite and Not Civil 3D®

I’ve worked with DCA®, then SoftDesk®, then Land Desktop® since 1990. Anyone I’ve worked with, sold software to or trained in that time knows that I’ve always been a huge fan of these programs. Not that the programs were terribly easy to learn, but mostly because they functioned in a logical, consistent manner. I, and many others, got to a point that, if I didn’t get the result I intended, it’s because the software had done exactly what I’d told it to do instead of what I’d meant to tell it to do. Frustrating? Of course. But manageable.

I worked for an Autodesk® reseller when Civil 3D was introduced to the world. Since then I’ve attended Civil 3D classes at Autodesk University every year, Autodesk reseller training on Civil 3D and at one time was even certified an “Implementation Certified Expert” (ICE) for Civil 3D. As a consultant I’ve also worked and collaborated with people I consider to be the PHDs of Civil 3D. In short, I feel like I have performed my due diligence with regard to Civil 3D. More than once I thought Civil 3D had gotten to a point where it would be a good option for some of my clients. But, after careful consideration of all the associated costs, my clients disagreed. They decided to stick with Land Desktop.

Initially, there were several reasons my clients weren’t interested in moving to Civil 3D from Land Desktop: lack of stability, lack of survey features, inability to work with pipes, lack of H & H functionality, etc. Most of these have been addressed to some extent.

Now, however, the primary reason people aren’t moving to Civil 3D seems to be: It’s too complicated. They have come to the conclusion that, “Even if we wanted to, we can’t manage it and learn it on our own.”

That seems to me a nearly impossible problem for Autodesk to solve.

What makes it so complicated and difficult to implement? Here are a few of the reasons…

Project and data management
Because it doesn’t have a single, centralized project structure, the last recommendation for file and data management that I’ve seen involves 9 or 10 different drawings using multiple methods of linking such as XREFs and Vault.

Development of styles
This will be an ongoing effort. Most companies will find themselves needing new styles for every project. You’ll need an expert on staff or will need to rely on a consultant or reseller to keep up with the technology and demand.

True Cost of Implementation
Unbelievably, the cost of the software, subscription and hardware is typically just the beginning. I’ve heard that, not including software, hardware or loss of productivity, the cost of implementing Civil 3D in an office ranges from US$6,000-US$10,000 per person.

Civil 3D doesn’t play well with Land Desktop
Using Civil 3D on a project means KEEPING it in Civil 3D. You can’t bail out and move it to Land Desktop if deadlines loom. And if a project was started in Land Desktop, don’t use that data in Civil 3D. Yes, there are converters and importers and exporters of data, but the message boards and discussion groups are full of comments like, “Yes, you can. But don’t.”

A friend of mine in the industry recently said, “It looks like the programmers became too enamored by what they COULD do, instead of making it do what it NEEDS to do.”

I think that’s exactly right. It’s become a program for programmers, IT personnel and consultants who spend a majority of their time figuring out how to make it work.

What is the evidence of this trend/mindset?

    1. Try to purchase and implement Civil 3D through a reseller without receiving a hard-sell on “consulting” or “implementation” services. This isn’t simply the resellers trying to make a buck. They understand that Civil 3D is impossible to put into production without significant help from experts. And the only experts are those in the reseller or consulting community.
    2. Part of the “Implementation Plan” requires that new users try Civil 3D on a “Pilot Project” instead of an active project.
    3. Considering blogs, websites, discussion groups, users groups, road-shows and all, I have never seen such a wealth of available support options for any piece of civil design software. And yet for all this, I might be able to point to a couple of dozen people I’d consider to be very knowledgeable or experts who would be able to support the software. And, these people fall into the reseller/consultant category. I have my suspicions whether even they could turn a profit on a project in an office setting with typical project flow and deadline challenges.
    4. Everyone thinks everyone else is using it – but they’re not. I had heard for years that a certain very large (national) engineering firm in Raleigh had moved to Civil 3D. I spoke to someone working there a couple of weeks ago and found out that wasn’t the case. Only a couple of people in their Charlotte office are trying it out and it wasn’t getting rave reviews. Everyone else is still using Land Desktop Companion.I know of two and suspect that several other large firms who have implemented or have attempted to implement Civil 3D are in the same boat. My (educated) guess, based on reading discussion groups, users forums and discussions during sales calls, is that they have now had enough time to study the metrics comparing the money they have spent versus the resulting productivity gain/loss. Unfortunately, so much money has been spent that they must decide whether to continue to throw good money after bad hoping that Autodesk finally comes up with the product they have promised or to start from scratch by re-evaluating the products available.
    5. Outside of the reseller/consultant network, I can point to a lot of people who I’d consider experts in Land Desktop and Civil Design. These people might not know everything there is to know about Land and Civil Design, but they are incredibly productive and can design and develop a project with the best of them. Many in this group have tried to perform the same tasks and produce the same work with Civil 3D and have given up out of exasperation because either they can’t get it to work the way they need it to or can’t get it to look the way they need it to. When it is determined that this vast group of competent people needs to rely on the expertise of a reseller or consultant to produce their work, there is a problem.
    6. Someone recently pointed me to a couple of posts on the Autodesk Civil 3D Discussion Group that expresses many of these thoughts: Message to Autodesk – I know I’ll be tagged a Flammer for this; but I don’t care at this point

Now, Why Carlson?

    1. It’s easy to learn. The single biggest reason I have become a fan of Carlson Software is that it’s so easy to do the things surveyors and civil engineers need to do. Especially for someone fairly competent with Land Desktop or Civil Design, learning Carlson doesn’t take much time at all. And if you are totally new to civil/survey software, Carlson is intuitive
      because they have a high percentage of civil engineers and surveyors helping to design the software. It works the way
      we work.
    2. They stand behind and support their productsCarlson provides free technical support to their users. Whether you are using a 30-day trial or have purchased any of their products, you can call or email them with questions.Providing tech support is also a way for Carlson to stay on top of their customers wants and needs. If they receive too many questions about how to use a feature, you can expect to see that feature re-worked in a future release. If someone makes a suggestion during a support call, it’ll end up on a feature wish-list for a future release.What happens if you find a bug? You (and any others encountering the same issue) will receive the updated files to fix the problem as soon as the programming team completes the fix. Others receive it when a service pack is released.They also don’t retire their products so there are no forced upgrades. Carlson only wants their customers to upgrade when they think it’s worth it.
    3. I don’t have to give up what I know Carlson works on top of AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map, Land Desktop or Civil 3D. As you start moving your projects over to Carlson, you have the freedom to continue working in Land Desktop but take advantage of some of the tools that Carlson offers. As you learn more of the features of Carlson, you can do more of the project using Carlson. It’s a relief to know that you can make the switch by taking baby steps or by leaps and bounds.
    4. I have full 3D and dynamic functionalityWho wasn’t excited the first time we saw that Civil 3D gave us the ability to grip-edit an alignment and have the profile update automatically? Or to see we could lay out and edit subdivision lots and have it automatically label lots for us? But then we tried to do it. It wasn’t quite so easy to get it to work the way we needed it to or look the way we needed it to. Most of us ended up going back to Land Desktop. But, we’d seen what was possible with the dynamic features and Land Desktop no longer seemed up to the task.Carlson allows you to design dynamically but gives you more control. You have the ability to set each dynamic action to “Off”, “On” or “Prompt”. Turning it “Off” requires you to pick a “Process” button to force updates through the design. “On” will process those changes automatically as they happen. “Prompt” will ask you before applying updates.
    5. Carlson Civil Suite  meets or beats Land Desktop and Civil 3D in features and functionality. A feature-to-feature comparison of Carlson’s Civil Suite to Land Desktop or Civil 3D shows that Carlson can do more for you than either of those products.

These are obviously anecdotal examples and I expect some people to take exception. All I can state is what I’ve witnessed and attempt to explain the reasons behind my decision. My eyes aren’t closed and I’ll continue to do my homework with Civil 3D – if something changes, I won’t hesitate to express my opinion.

I’ve told the folks at Carlson that, as much as I enjoy working with them, the reason I’m selling and supporting their software is because I fully believe it’s the right thing for my customers at this time. If that changes and Carlson is no longer the best option, I’ll move on.

I encourage anyone to try out Carlson Civil Suite and try out Civil 3D and judge for yourself.
That CAD Girl, Jennifer DiBona

About the author: Jennifer DiBona is a long-time CAD consultant and trainer who does business as That CAD Girl.

That CAD Girl is an authorized Carlson Reseller and a charter member of the Carlson College training team.

Doing the hard yards…..

After demonstrating our Altus and Carlson products to several municipalities around General Santos, the “Dual Corporate Promotion” was well accepted and proved to be a winning combination; it’s bidding time at PhilGEPS.

APS-3x with antenna

APS-3X with External Antenna provides the best of both worlds – a Static Base using the Internet or a UHF Peer to Peer Base in difficult areas

The Altus Positioning Systems GNSS kit utilising an APS-3 Rover with UHF/GSM communications combined with an APS-3X Base with an external antenna  plus the capability of feeding the correction into the Internet the kit provides a 35km radius of correction using GSM over the mobile network in the Rover or UHF “Peer to Peer” in areas not covered by mobile networks..

Guy at computer-FL

Working seamlessly with Carlson SurvCE data collection software the CAD designer utilizes Carlson Civil Suite to complete the project in the Office.

This purpose built kit using Carlson SurvCE in the controller provides the perfect union with the Carlson Civil Suite. Incorporating Survey, Civil, Hydrology and GIS at the desktop. The combination of “the best GPS kit” with “the best desktop software” certainly makes it a package hard to beat.

Carlson lands in Iloilo!

Last week we headed north for a few days, leaving Gensan in our private Jet Stream (tch) we spent 4 days in Iloilo…. a beautiful, peaceful city and friendly people!

The reception and interest from businesses was overwhelming.

We are proud to annonce that Carlson products will be serviced by our new Dealer and representative in Iloilo, Leo Gunay, Civil Engineer.

Staying ahead of the pack by using latest technology is a constant challenge, fortunately Leo enjoys this challenge, aiming for perfection.

Leo shares many years of engineering experience, he will be an excellent first point of contact for surveyors, engineers and the construction industry to discuss the features of Carlson products.

Ask how Carlson desktop and data collection software can assist you to complete current and future projects easier and more efficiently, completing on time with perfection, efficiency and pride.

Modifications and updates to project designs are applied automatically as the field data or design changes. With the NEW Field to Desktop and Desktop to Field process (2014) is now a simple and powerful tool for any surveying project. The software is ready to service the most difficult and challenging office requirements

Of special interest to Leo, was the capacity to mimic local survey “standards” output making the transition to Carlson, satisfying the scrutiny of the Land Management officers. After many years with only one solution, surveyors can move forward with new powerful surveying products from Carlson with ease and simplicity…It is a win, win situation for all disciplines.

If you live in the Iloilo area, don’t hesitate to call Leo to discuss your requirements and interest on :

Website Upgrade

Hi! everyone, after much research and hard work the new website is now up and running. Who is Smiley, well Smiley is our commercial brand in the Philippines. We have many investment interests in the Philippines and one of these is the Distribution and Support of Carlson software. Some others include Agriculture, Fabrication, Manufacturing and Recycling and growing.

Our first website under the domain “” was built on a marketing platform (online shop). This proved it be too limiting in providing support information and training guides.

My main purpose is to provide Support and Training.  I have provided a Suggested Retail Price for each product available through the Dealer network. Please Contact your dealer for the latest deals and special offers.

Our new domain is an online Mall ( linking many websites providing a Kermit’s Blog, an  online shop,  a range of technologies and information to improve agriculture and other facets of life in the Philippines, to make it easier to administrate Carlson Support is now included in the Mall (

The New Look website includes all the elements of the old website pus extended menus providing links to the other industry websites that maybe of interest, Under Support I have added a HOWTO’s menu  plus a Knowledge Base. I will author a series of HOWTO’s to make the processes easier for newbies and to provide a first point of Support should users require some help. Where HOWTO’s fall short of explaining a process feel free to call for telephone support. The Knowledge Base will develop over time derived from common questions and comments from Carlson Blog.

Basic training and software setup is included in the price of the software, however to get the most out of any software additional training is always recommended. We have a comprehensive range of training programs available at very competitive, affordable prices.  Technical support is always available over the telephone at no charge, bug/problem reporting is best reported using email so screen shots and a detailed report can be included.

Specialist products have been added to the products menu. These products are not available through the dealer netwok as they require specialist skills in development, customisation and in the case of Carlson GIS360  (GIS for the Smartphone) require a Geo-database and some specialist IT skills to customise the software to meet local requirements. Please call if you have an interest in these products.

Please post your comments freely, Tagalog is fine I can translate to English and aim to provide Tagalog versions of each page as my language skills improve to provide a blog in the local language.

I look forward to working with you to build expertise and efficiency into your practice by utilising the power of Carlson Software.