Altus Positioning System

This range of quality products (known as smart antennas) are manufactured in Belgium . “Better by Design follows the products at every step from the stylish designed enclosure through to operation and functionality. The products are delivered with a 3 year warranty – building confidence and a guarantee of company integrity second to none.


SurvPC_ALTUS-setup-NLC3- Norway

Altus – the choice of Professional Surveyors

A complete range of Rover, Base, CORS and Tablet based GNSS products are available to provide you the user with the options suiting the dynamic world of surveying and GIS providing comfort and efficiency at every step.


Septentrio is the leading international designer and manufacturer of GNSS receivers and surveying equipment. Our product lines are trusted to be well engineered, widely applicable and offer easy integration in a wide range of industries.

Septentrio’s origins are deeply rooted in the scientific community. The company was founded as an offshoot of IMEC (originally the Inter-university Micro Electronics Center) in Leuven, Belgium, the world’s leading nano-electronic research institute.

Septentrio’s knowledge and expertise have added significantly to a deeper understanding of space and satellite communications. They have worked with the European Space Agency (ESA) since the beginning of the Galileo Space Program; the first GNSS receiver ever to receive live Galileo signals was built by our team of dedicated engineers. Our reputation grew as we helped to develop EGNOS.

Septentrio receivers are used from the highest mountains in South America to the geysers of Iceland, from Princess Elizabeth Base in Antarctica to the deep tundra of the Russian Federation.

Scientists worldwide (UNAVCO NASA) depend on Septentrio’s high performance GNSS receivers with APME multipath mitigation and advanced algorithms to support groundbreaking work under the most extreme conditions to monitor tectonic plate movement and volcanoes.

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers bring you the latest advancements in technology so you and your team can enjoy accurate, high-performance GNSS receivers 24/7 without interference from ionospheric scintillation, iridium or jamming.

Thanks to our links with IMEC, EGNOS, ESA, UNAVCO and other scientific institutions around the world, we guarantee that our product lines deliver the latest technologies and algorithms ensuring a consistently accurate and reliable GNSS position wherever you may be.