Altus APSNR2 receiver



Stylish, Compact from Altus Positioning Systems  –      the APSNR2 GNSS receiver







Altus Positioning Systems are proudly unveiling a new GNSS RTK receiver designed and developed specifically for the ESRI /GIS user community.

Septentrio/Altus USA Vice President Neil Vancans says, “The new Altus APSNR2 provides a combination of performance and features that make it ideal for Surveyors and ESRI users”:

  • Light weight – At 700 grams, the APS-NR2 weighs the same as a dozen glazed doughnuts.
  • Dual-cellular antennae – With automatic switchover, users will minimize downtime due to signal loss.
  • Unlimited flexibility – It works on virtually all RTK networks.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi – Users can configure and monitor the unit and stream data directly to their own tablets.
  • Supercharged – It runs all day on hot-swappable batteries and recharges from any USB port.
  • ESRI Compatible – It communicates seamlessly with ESRI cloud-based platforms.
  • Open architecture – Users can choose their own data collector software or interface directly with ESRI ArcGIS Online.

APSNR2 receivers can be configured to operate in a Base/Rover mode (Peer-to-Peer) using GSM technology for communication. One SIM card only must have a Static IP, this allows the correction data to stream to the Internet to be retrieved by the Rover by connection to the Base IP. This connection technology is unique to Altus Positioning Systems.

“It all adds up to the world’s most versatile RTK rover providing more productivity and less downtime in the field,” noted Neil Vancans. “The APS-NR2 raises the bar and sets a new standard for the state-of-the-art in high-precision surveying and geo-location, leveraging the power and convenience of mobile tablet platforms.”

Upholding  Altus Positioning Systems tradition, this receiver is BETTER BY DESIGN

In addition to the APS-NR2, Altus offers the APS GeoPod, a compact GNSS module that adds high-precision RTK positioning to any USB-compatible tablet PC. “This unique product gives users the convenience of adding RTK precision to any on-board application on their own mobile devices,” said Vancans.

Click to download the Altus APS NR2 brochure

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