Juniper Geode

Juniper-Systems-LogoThe Juniper Geode Sub-meter GNSS receiver is a NEW PRODUCT from Juniper Systems; Released August 2016.


Built to the exacting standards of Juniper Systems, the Geode is rugged L1 GNSS receiver (GPS/Glonass), 10 hour battery life between charges  and has a very small “footprint” (100 mm x 100 mm x 70 mm) and weighing only 0.8 Kg.

Mounted on an adjustable carbon fiber rover pole or camera mono-pod the Geode provides an accurate height also. With excellent mounting options the Geode can be mounted on a vehicle, motor bike or ATV with ease.

This product opens up a NEW WORLD for GIS Asset Management  NOT previously available in a small package.

Juniper Geode

Using SBAS correction, the Geode delivers a **300 mm accuracy of position, height accuracy 600 mm, (post-processing the data points achieves a 50 mm accuracy of position  and 100 mm in height).

Coupled with the Mesa 2, this is a powerful GIS companion product.

Ideally suited to GIS Asset Management for Electricity Distribution Networks. Also suited to University Field Research, Geological Survey and Agricultural Field Research and Mapping.

** Dependent on Satellite Constellation Geometry.


With the Geode, you can easily collect real-time, sub-meter GNSS data without the huge price tag or complexity of other precision receivers.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Geode works with a wide range of Windows®, Windows Mobile, and Android® devices to fit your needs exactly, and is especially useful for bring-your-own-device workplaces.

Take the Geode with you mounted on a pole, in a pack, or held in your hand to collect real-time sub-meter GNSS data in harsh environments, using almost any handheld device.



• Receiver Type: GNSS single frequency with carrier tracking

• Signals Received: GPS, SBAS, GLONASS (optional)

• Channels: 372

• SBAS Tracking: 3-channel parallel tracking

• Update Rate: 1 Hz standard, 2–10 Hz (optional)


• SBAS (WAAS): <30 cm Horizontal RMS (<60 cm 2DRMS) 1

• Cold Start: <60 sec typical (no almanac)

• Reacquisition: <1 sec


• Bluetooth® 4.0 (Serial Port Profile)

• Bluetooth Range: Class 1 Long Range

• Ports: Micro USB Client 2.0; Serial RS232C DB-9 (optional)

• Serial Baud Rates: 4800–115200


• Data I/O Protocol: NMEA 0183, Raw Binary (proprietary), RTCM2


• Input Voltage: 5VDC @ 2A USB

• Power Consumption: 1.7–2 W nominal

• Overtime TechnologyTM Battery: 3.65V 5300 mAh Li-ion (~10 hours)

• Charging Time: ~4 hours


• Internal precision multi-GNSS with integrated ground plane

• External Antenna Port: MCX type, 50 ohm 15VDC @ 20 mA maximum

1: GNSS accuracy subject to observation conditions, multipath environment, number of satellites in view, satellite geometry, and ionospheric activity.


• Operating Temp: -20 C to +60 C

• Storage Temp: -30 C to +60 C

• Enclosure Rating: IP68

• Dimensions: 4.4 x 4.4 x 1.7 inch (111 x 111 x 43 mm)

• Weight: 0.8 lb (360 g)

• Mount: 1⁄4 x 20 camera stud and #6-32 AMPS (diag.)


• 2 Hz to 10 Hz update rate

• GLONASS upgrade


• GeodeConnectTM: Provides configuration, communications setup, and receiver settings

• Available for:

• Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5

• Android 4.x and above

• Windows PC (8/10)


• 5VDC USB Universal Charger

• USB Data/Charging Cable (USB-A to Micro-B)

• 5/8 x 11 Pole Mount Adapter


• Geode GPS, 1 Hz

• Geode GPS with 9-pin serial port, 1 Hz

• Geode GPS with GLONASS, 1 Hz

• Geode GPS with GLONASS and 9-pin serial port, 1 Hz

For more details and specifications visit the Juniper Systems – GEODE website