SatLab Depth Sounders


Satlab Depth Sounder With AltusSatLab SLD-100 & SLD-200 are compact survey grade depth sounders with operational depth ranging from 30 cm to 100 meters.

They are extremely easy to use simply requiring the unit to be powered on to commence operation.

The depth sounders are independently powered by an internal lithium battery providing more than 10 hours of continuous operation.

Position and Depth data is logged to any external logging device running Carlson SurvCE software. They provide standard depth string streams in $SDDPT, $SDDBT and $YXMTW at 1Hz, 4800 bps which makes the SatLab SLD-100 & SLD-200 compatible with any Hydrographic Surveying Software.

Satlab Echo on a Boat with Altus

Mounting accessories for the SatLab SLD-100 & SLD-200 transducers are included in the package making it simple to mount the sounder and to attach an Altus APS3G RTK GNSS receiver.

The SatLab SLD-100 & SLD-200 housings are environmentally sealed to a rating of IP65 making it operational in the most challenging environments.

Technical Specifications 

Measurements (WxHxL) 60 mm x 34 mm x 165 mm

Environmental Classification IP65

External Power Connector Mini USB

Indicator LEDs Green: USB Power source connected,

Battery charging

Blue: Device turned on

Sonar Transducer Specification

Beamwidth: 11°

Depth Range: 0.3 m to 100 m

SLD-100 Resolution in Depth 10cm

SLD-200 Resolution in Depth 1cm

Ping Rate: 5 Hz

Ping Frequency: 200 kHz

Data Output Rate: 1 Hz

Electrical Specification

Input Voltage: 5 V (standard USB)

Battery Time: ~10 h

Operating Current (Average): 300 mA

Battery Capacit: 5200 mAh

Max Charge Current (internally limited): 500 mA

Battery Current While in Off State: 1 mA

Serial Interface Specification

Serial Interfaces: Bluetooth and Mini USB

Data Format (both USB and BlueTooth): 4800 baud, 8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity.

NMEA 0183 Standard…interfaces automatically with Carlson SurvCE on Juniper Allegro 2 Controller.