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ELLIOTT ENTERPRISES are proud to announce a channel partnership with BSPH MARKETING.

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Combining High Quality GNSS equipment from ELLIOTT ENTERPRISES with infrastructure, GIS and resource management software from BSPH MARKETING (Bentley Software) expands the opportunities for two unique and vibrant businesses.

Incorporating some 45 years of software and hardware expertise opens opportunities for the partners and businesses across the Philippines.

BSPH MARKETING provide consulting, support and sales for Bentley software products for Water Districts and Power and Energy producers and distributors across the Philippines.


Bentley Maps and GIS


Bentley WaterGEMS for Water Networks

BSPH Marketing is the Authorized Partner of Bentley Systems for its Haestad Solutions line, namely, WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, HAMMER, and Bentley OpenUtilities Designer (GIS for Water).

Eloisa Mabuyo, BSPH Marketing proprietor says, “We are proud to say that the solution dominates the water utility market in the Philippines, with BSPH Marketing providing software and services to the biggest water utilities in the country.”

For the Electric Utility market, there is Bentley Substation, promis-e, and Bentley OpenUtilities Designer (GIS for Electric). In the telecommunications sector, BSPH Marketing provides Bentley’s Comms solution, composed of Bentley Fiber, Bentley Coax, Bentley Inside Plant and Bentley Copper. For the mapping needs of local government agencies, there is Bentley Map and GeoWeb Publisher.

Needless to say, beneath all this is Bentley’s flagship product, Bentley MicroStation, “the preferred CAD software foundation by engineers, architects, GIS professionals, constructors, and owner operators to design, model, visualize, document, map, and sustain infrastructure projects.”

What role do Elliott Enterprises play in this venture?

APS-3_with antenna with Allegro2

Altus APS3G Rover and Juniper Allegro2 Field Computer

Water Districts designing Networks rely on GPS (GNSS) to locate and determine the height of network assets to design and manage the hydraulics of the design and to optimize the system.

The accurate location and height of pipelines whether from the pump station to the filtration and chemical dosing plant or a distribution  point to a house-hold meter are hydraulically designed. The more accurate the position and elevation the more accurate the network design; pipe diameter, pump size and tank are designed to optimize cost and energy requirement.

Optimization of the network is only achieved when accurate data is used in the computation. Altus Positioning Systems provide the best equipment for this process. Elliott Enterprises will offer an RTK GPS system  meeting every budget ad application.

Capturing asset data while recording the data for hydraulic design, a database of attributed data and imagery can be captured to provide the basis for an accurate GIS. Elliott Enterprises offer a range of Juniper Field Rugged Notepads for GIS asset data capture and management  including geotagging of imagery with lower accuracy GPS builtin; adding value and efficiency at every step in the process.

Power Infrastructure

Power generators and distributors also require accurate data to optimize design. Accurate data costs no more to collect than lesser accuracy. Where lower accuracy is required (50-300mm) Elliott Enterprises offer a single frequency GPS solution (Juniper Geode) reducing cost of ownership and extending the budget.

A great quote: “a job well done; only has to be done once”.

 The Field computers used in connection with RTK survey (high accuracy) are later utilized with the inbuilt GPS to update and maintain asset information using Carlson SurvCE, the “Swiss Army Knife” of software.

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