Desmond Elliott, Technical Manager of Elliott Enterprises was involved in developing of RTK CORS Networks across Australia and the Globe between 2007 – 2014.

The links below provide some insight into the research and development he was involved in across Australia and abroad.

Click for: UNSW FINAL YEAR RESEARCH THESIS Network CORS: Who will use it?

Click  for: Evaluation of NRTK Heighting in Victoria: Impact of a Temporary Reference Station

Click for: Alternative Accurate RTK Correction as a “Service”

South Australian CORS was developed as  the beginning of a concept to provide RTK correction across South Australia and after initial research the concept proved successful, taking the “software as a service” concept to the Internet; making it possible to connect any or all CORS base receivers to a common system; anywhere on earth. The Checkpoint Model became a talking point across the Geo Spatial Academic World for several years.

Checkpoint were providing Networked RTK correction to Ireland, Greece, Singapore, and Australia from a Server based in Adelaide, South Australia. The Checkpoint network also had test sites in Thailand, Vietnam, Sweden, USA and the Philippines. Unfortunately, due to the lack of funding the project was disbanded in 2014. The concept was too far advanced for investors/financiers to comprehend..