Carlson Specialist Products


The category of specialist products is a group of software packages developed for special interest groups (police and government agencies). This could also be described as agencies requiring  specialised software. CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) for instance was developed for the police department in Cincinnati,  USA who were seeking an automated system for collecting and presenting crime scene and accident recreation mapping using the computer.

As digital surveying technology have developed the software has also advanced to include data from other available positioning systems. Originally developed for the digital theodolite the software now incorporates GPS data from GPS receivers and digital total stations and smartphones making it a valuable tool for todays policeman on the move.

When the opportunity arises we will endeavour to customise the software to allow police to collect data using the GPS in a “smartphone” and interface with both GIS and CSI software providing an efficient, interactive GIS and survey system allowing a higher level of efficiency and data sharing. Having geographic spatial data available and access to database information at the scene will improve effectiveness, reducing paper work and allowing more time for solving crimes and social issues.