Soil & Water

At Elliott Enterprises we draw on many years of not only GPS surveying experience but also skills in providing training and advice in the selection of Water Management software.

For those working in the supply of potable water to home owners and across cities we can advise and provide EPANet software developed in the USA by the Environmental Protection Agency.

We have put together a collection of FREE software to develop municipality and city wide systems. The software simulates designs and provides the data for all requirements.

EPANet software is at the core of all the commercial Water Management software selling for high prices. The marketing story of advantage being the cross compatibility between GIS and design, however this can also be achieved from IntelliCAD via QGIS software where the EPANet software engine is available as an addon.

Of equal importance is Sentek Water Management technology providing Soil Water Probes to manage the irrigation frequency for irrigated agriculture to monitor water depletion and water use of crops.

Elliott Enterprises are equally skilled to market, support and provide consultancy for this technology. The technology was developed 25 years ago in Australia, where Desmond Elliot worked closely with the development.

Desmond’s surveying and mapping company provided the pedology description data from soil surveys for soils data and mapping services. These were used for Sentek probe site selection and crop varietal selections were based on soil suitability and the capacity to deliver water in a usable form.