Soil and Water Management Systems

As Climate Change approaches, the careful use of our most valuable resource WATER must be taken seriously, agronomists must learn to utilize water better and more efficiently. Secondly, SOIL is also unique and  important; requiring classification, nutrition, understanding and management of this medium.

Australia is one of the driest continents on earth, utilizing  the two key resources enables successful agricultural practice with minimum water use. This technology is now available to the Philippines from Elliott Enterprises.

Soil Map

Australian Rice Farmers produce the highest quality and highest tonnages per hectare in the world. By making agriculture a science, production is maintained and maximized while not exploiting the high demand for water….they only use what they need, NO MORE, NO LESS!

Not only should water use optimization be considered but also the management of the soil to assure the correct amount of water is applied to maximize plant growth and the highest quality productio.

These two resources (Soil and Water) have been under constant scientific  research across Australia since 1984.

At Elliott Enterprises, Desmond Elliott has the experience, knowledge and technologies to explore the possibilities to grow more Rice, Bananas, Casava, Pineapples, Coffee and Cacao whilst maximizing the use of irrigation water to insure against drought and climate uncertainty. Mindanao has the potential to be even better as the food bowl of the Philippines; producing HIGHER Quality and HIGHER Production.

Introducing Water harvesting, Water and Soil management techniques used for decades in Australia (one of the driest continents) we can turn water into money!

Managing and monitoring water use is the key to successful irrigated agriculture in the 21st century. We offer the Sentek Water Monitoring Probe to remove “guestimation” and turning it in to a science .

Monitoring Soil Water Usage using Sentek Probe technologies

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Remember: Over Watering is as detrimental to optimum plant health and growth as drought or under watering.