Sentek Water Monitoring Probes


The technology was developed in Australia in 1991, this celebrating 25 years in 2016. Sentek probes provide the continuous reliable data required for water/irrigation management to ensure crops have the right amount of water within the rootzone avoiding plant stress….maximizing growth, productivity and efficiency of water use.

Climate Change

As Climate Change reduces the reliability of rainfall and climatic variability  there are issues everywhere on earth – NOT just in the drier countries. Water harvesting and careful management of this valuable resource – WATER is becoming more and more important to maintain quantity and quality product ensuring food security and profitability.

The Science

Sentek sensors utilize capacitance based technology to provide near continuous measurements within the soil profile.

By creating a high frequency electrical field around the sensor, extending through the access tube into the surrounding soil, the sensors detect the changes in dielectric constant, or permittivity, of the soil over time. At high frequency the measurement is affected predominantly by water molecules. The greater the amount of water, the smaller the frequency measured between the two brass rings of the sensor.

Soil Moisture Sensor

The soil moisture sensor gives an output in volumetric water content (mm of water per 100 mm of soil measured). This is converted from a scaled frequency reading using a default calibration equation, which is based on data obtained from numerous scientific studies in a range of soil textures.

User defined, or site specific calibration equations can be applied to each individual sensor to provide a very high level of accuracy.

Sentek’s soil moisture sensor is suitable for use in all soil types under all conditions of soil water content, from saturated to oven dry.

Sentek Technologies has been delivering profitable solutions to farmers for more than 20 years. Proven, accurate and reliable technology provides information in a clear and simple to understand graphical format. Backed up with strong technical and agronomic support, this complete package provides the farmer with the knowledge and understanding to allow them to make informed management decisions.

Monitoring Soil Water Usage using Sentek Probe technologies

Proven benefits include:

  • water savings
  • energy savings
  • fertiliser savings and optimization
  • pesticide savings
  • labour savings
  • increased yields
  • improved quality
  • control of timeliness to market
  • consistency of product
  • being able to meet market specifications
  • enabling security of supply contracts
  • salinity management
  • predictions / forecasting
  • learning about the crop and the soil, thus gaining insights for management
  • record keeping and an ongoing learning cycle
  • contributing to food security

Sentek Probe technology is available and supported in the Philippines from Elliott Enterprises. We also have the skills to assist in the installation, monitoring and  offer a reporting service for crop and irrigation system managers. With the probes connected via wifi the data can be relayed via the Internet analysed remotely and reported via email on a daily or weekly basis.

For more information including videos visit the Sentek website