Support & Training

Check out the Tutorials available providing users with a first touch opportunity to try gain competencies in using the Carlson software modules


Carlson Software training should only be provided by “Certified Carlson Trainers”. 

All persons offering training for Carlson Software products should be produce a copy of his/her “Certified Carlson Trainer” certificate. If the certificate has NOT been signed by the Desmond Elliott…the person has NOT received the necessary training to perform this service.

Data Collection Software Training

Carlson SurvCE students receiving “hands on” training in the field

Carlson Software Training programs are designed to maximize user efficiency. It is important for teaching purposes for all students to complete the Application Form (PDF) and email to the dealer or trainer 7 days before the class is scheduled. Each course is tailored to the skills of the students. We recommend that all students have a basic knowledge in the use of a Total Station and/or a GPS Rover receiver before attending a Data Collection software class. If training is required for students using new equipment the trainer should be informed before hand. A one hour hardware awareness course will be provided for these students before the Data Collection class to avoid reducing the learning potential of others.

Desktop Software Training

Desktop Software under instruction in the classroom

The classes for Carlson Desktop software products will include practical demonstrations as well as small projects to be performed in the class room. It is important for all students to have access to a PC or Laptop running the software. If users have difficulty loading or accessing the software (Full License or Demo License) advise the trainer before the class. If this there are problems finding enough computers for students the trainer must be advised before hand. In special circumstances two students per computer is acceptable but 2 per computer is a maximum. We ask students to load the software before the class and to spend some time learning the basic CAD commands and familiarizing themselves with the Carlson menu structure. Watching the online video for the product is also advised. The videos are available on DVD from your dealer.