OUR PLEDGE: To our clients “we SUPPORT and we CARE”

Elliott Enterprises LogoThe ELLIOTT ENTERPRISES brand is built on our INTEGRITY and we promise to SUPPORT every product we sell….because we CARE about our clients and their capacity to turn their investment into PRODUCTIVITY!



Septentrio Logo

Septentrio are unique in that they have SUPPORT engineers stationed in Belgium, Europe, Hong Kong and California, USA. This translates to a 24 hour ONLINE SUPPORT team. There are always SUPPORT staff waiting for our call.

Statistically, the failure rate of Septentrio and Altus Positioning Systems receivers is extremely low – less than 0.01%. The GNSS and Mother boards are manufactured using robotic engineering and tested at every stage of manufacture and assembly. This equates to 99.99% UP TIME.

Firmware upgrades are available FREE of Charge for GNSS receivers. As new algorithms for additional signal access or RTK engine improvements are developed and tested these are available for receivers capable of using the technology changes. We alert clients to these upgrades and assist in uploading the firmware to your equipment.

Carlson Logo (with background)

Carlson Software only appoint distributors where a Carlson trained “Trainer” is located within the country the software is sold. The Carlson motto is “we support every software license we sell for the life of the software”.

No matter what the SUPPORT question is….we treat it SERIOUSLY and PROFESSIONALLY. What may seem simple and may sound trivial – the SUPPORT team have the information or setting required to make your design operate successfully and improve your efficiency. Do not put off asking a question because you feel the question may sound too trivial… just CALL US or Email US the question!

In fact, at Carlson Software if your request is for an activity or process that is unique to the Philippines or your Province, the programmers will make every effort to include the changes or additions in future versions of the software.

From a continuous stream of requests for support and feedback from users over 30+ years the software from Carlson has developed into the best software available, by continuously improving to satisfy users worldwide.

The Carlson Software company has over 100 employees world wide and distributors and dealers in over 70 countries, it still remains a FAMILY BUSINESS. Many of the support personnel, developers and trainers have been with the company for the 30+ years of operation.