Geo-tagging with Carlson SurvCE

A guide to handling SurvCE or SurvPC images attached to points in regards to bringing them into Carlson Survey 2015 or higher:

1. The points you measure should be measured with GPS equipment for attaching an Image to a point so we can plot it properly in Carlson Survey or Google Earth.

NOTE: you can NOT attach photos to Total Station shots and Export a Google Earth KMZ file from SurvCE.

In SurvCE under Equip / Configure in the General tab you can check the box for “Prompt for Height & Description” on Version 5.x and or “Attach Photographs to Points/Lines” on lesser versions and tap the Green Check to save your changes.


In Survey / Store Points you can hit ENTER to store a GPS point and it will show a “Camera” icon next to the description for allowing a picture to be taken and assigned to this point.

Store Point

Camera Program Photo Gallery

2. After attaching Photos to GPS points in SurvCE 4.03 or higher you tap File / Import_Export / Export Ascii File and change it to “File Type: KML/KMZ File *.kml” then tap the Green Check to follow the prompts for creating a KMZ file in the data collector

3. Copy the *.KMZ file from the data collector to your office computer

4. Run Carlson Survey 2015 or higher and set a Coordinate file then click Settings / Drawing Setup and change it to a “Grid” Coordinate System with “Projection: UTM/WGS84 and the correct Zone the GPS points were created in then click OK

5. Now you can click File / Import / Google Earth File and check the “Attach Image to Points” box then click “Set” on the right and browse to the Folder where your KMZ file from #3 is stored and click OK

6. Click OK again and browse to the KMZ file from #3 and click “Open” and it should plot the points into your DWG drawing and add them to the CRD coordinate file

7. To view the attached images click GIS / Image_Document_Inspector and mouse over a point that has an image attached to see a preview of it in the top left of your screen.

You can test out the attached KMZ sample if you set your Settings / Drawing Setup to “System: Grid” and “Projection: UTM/WGS84” and “Zone: xxxx”