Message from Carlson

Carlson Desktop Software products are ONLY available in the Philippines from the Distributor appointed by Carlson Software;  ELLIOTT ENTERPRISES or any Dealer appointed by ELLIOTT ENTERPRISES and those dealers listed on the website Dealer page.

The reputation of Carlson Software worldwide has been built and maintained by providing FREE support for the life of all licenses. By maintaining this service plus providing training for the use of the software via “Certified Carlson Trainers” Carlson Software has remained leader in the Survey software market for 30+ years.

If you are offered Carlson Desktop Software (excluding SurvCE or SurvPC) from any equipment dealer or software vendor (NOT listed on our Dealer page) in the Philippines be WARNED that it may be an ILLEGAL COPY.

If you are in doubt or concerned, check with ELLIOTT ENTERPRISES  by providing a License Number and the Seller’s Name (if possible) and we will make the necessary checks for you.

Hackers will try to produce an operational (illegal) copy, some have been successful, however due to “extraordinary security code” built into Carlson software, all illegal copies have been detected; the International Legal Team appointed by Carlson Software have been diligent in making sure the assets of those involved have been forfeited and there value forwarded to Carlson Software.

If you are the person in receipt of an illegal copy of Carlson Software, you are liable and may be implicated in the crime. You may NOT be caught in the first day, week or month but you will be caught!

The security code built in to Carlson Software continues to “phone home” as soon as the code is hacked and continues until the message is tracked to the source (IP address) and all copies are destroyed.

We aim to provide an extraordinary engineering and surveying experience for all CAD users in the Philippines…contact us for your software needs by phoning Nelia on 0917 557 9671 now!