Why Buy an Altus GNSS Receiver


Your Altus APS3G GNSS receiver is a high precision electronic satellite signal processor. When making a price comparison between Altus GNSS receivers and other brands; price is directly related to the hardware quality and the resulting precision and accuracy of the firmware operating the receiver in the receiver you buy…….  YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Altus Survey Kit

Altus GNSS technology linked to Carlson software is a great choice for today’s progressive surveyor seeking precision and quality equipment….


Altus receivers have superior firmware algorithms developed in partnership with the Mathematicians, Geomatic Engineers and Programmers at the European Space Agency working with the Septentrio/Altus development team. This process is continuous.

Neil in Motion

Neil Vancans, Vice Presidient of Septentrio/Altus says “Our Word is our Warranty, if there are no physical sign of damage we cover the repairs of our equipment we fix it for you…and firmware upgrades are FREE for the life of the product”.

Upgrades and improvements to Altus firmware are provided FREE OF CHARGE to all Altus receiver owners for the life of the product.  Altus have the highest: speed of computation, and repeatable accuracy/precision of all receivers available on the market (5-8mm X&Y and 10-12mm Z). Septentrio, the mother company is working toward 3mm accuracy in the future.

GNSS receiver hardware is a collection of computer boards and radio signal processors designed to receive/send and disseminate radio signals from the GNSS (global navigation satellite system).


The warranty period provided by manufacturers is directly related to the quality of the manufacturing technique and repeat ability of the processes. The Precision of the manufacturing process in producing a reliable product with longevity determines the warranty period. Altus use robotic manufacturing processes to ensure 99.99% reliability and products are assembled by highly skilled technicians. There are no sweatshops in the manufacturing chain, unlike many products available today.

Desmond Elliott

Desmond Elliott qualifies the Elliott Enterprises commitment, “The “standard” Altus Warranty period for receivers is 3 years; for an additional charge this can be extended to 5 years. This flexibility places the purchaser in control of his investment and TCO.”

The “standard” Altus Warranty period for receivers is 3 years; for an addition charge this can be extended to 5 years. Most other manufacturers only provide 1 year warranty; this categorizing them as disposable equipment with limited life span.


All Altus receivers can be upgraded to current  hardware and software specifications, The cost of upgrade is kept to a minimum (only a portion of original purchase price) making it possible to add new receivers to the surveyor/engineers existing GNSS system by upgrading the older receivers.

New 544 channel GNSS and logic boards will continue to be the best value for money with FREE upgrades through 2025.

Your APS3G receivers are up-gradable using firmware to satisfy all GNSS development programmed through to 2015..