Elliott Enterprises offer a training package with Altus GNSS Equipment and Carlson SurvCE software FREE of charge.

As a “Certified Carlson Trainer” – including Carlson Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS and SurvCE we make your Carlson software a valuable investment into the future.

Carlson Desktop software training is available to all clients. The cost of the training has been tailored to suit the Philippine market…high quality at low cost provides users with the skills to use the software products proficiently.

Clients purchasing Carlson Civil Suite are provided with training to get them up and running to the point of using the software to perform a project on their own. Additional training is available by working through the Tutorials. These are designed as a keystroke-by-keystroke lessons providing detail of each menu upgrading users skills to a high level.

A refresher tutorial will reduce support requirements to a minimum. As Carlson Distributors, Elliott Enterprises have an obligation to provide Support and Trouble Shooting FREE OF CHARGE for the life of your software module(s) as part of the purchase price of the software.

Carlson Software have observed over 30+ years in providing survey software for various areas of industry that users will get the best value for their training budget if they attend a training course 12-18 months after buying and using the software within their discipline on a daily basis.

If you have a Carlson Software licence call us for your support questions and feel free to discuss how we might upgrade your skills with professional training tailored to your business or discipline.