Specialist Personnel Training

Carlson Crime Scene Information Software

Training for Police will be tailored to the application and use of the software. As Police Department methodologies differ from country to country and jurisdiction with different requirements and methods of performing a crime scene recording we customise the software to satisfy these variations. In the US and Australia traffic and crime scenes require precise survey (mm) of the scene. In other countries approximate or less accurate positioning is required. We can accommodate all requirements.

When used for Motor Accidents the software is capable of calculating the speed of vehicles based on the length of skids and the mass of cars. For human crime scenes some jurisdictions require surveys to be performed before any component is moved from the scene, in others the location of items is marked with paint and the survey is  performed later. Carlson CSI is simple and easy to use while maintaining accuracy within the limits of the data collected.

The trainer will work through the specific traits and processes of the Philippine Police to tailor the course to meet local needs. In most instances we train the trainers and when they are familiar with the software they train field officers to the level required. It is however important to conduct the training before the software is used for recording purposes to maintain legal responsibilities.

Ongoing training and upgrades require refresher courses. These can be scheduled, including lectures for new recruits should there be a need.  As the software is customised for each police force the software must first be tailored to need and specification.

The CSI data collection software is written in Police language rather than surveyor jargon. This makes it easier for non-surveyors to operate and learn quickly.

Carlson 360GIS Software

This software is designed to run on a “smartphone” (iPhone or Android) allowing personel to record positions directly onto a background map (1-3m accuracy). This information can be exported from 360GIS into the CSI desktop software and used similarly to the CSI data collection module on a survey data recorder. Only the accuracy will vary. For reporting and “return to scene” location comparing repetitive offences, the migration of the two technologies has great potential.

Officers will require a copy of 360GIS and a smartphone for this training. This level of training would be conducted with police trainers and the skills transferred to field personel within standard training processes. Lectures and group training courses can be tailored to suit requirements.